yesterday :)

by - September 23, 2010

yesterday, i was so angry in the morning! i was late came to school >=(
i was came at 07.00a.m, i saw some students came late like me . and then when i told to my friends that why i came late and then suddenly from my back he was came with his blue jacket with his good smells . i was so sureprize! i almost can not believe it that he was late came to school too like me !! he saw me just for a second and then told to his friends why he came late(like me told to my friends why i came late)
hmm i can not believe it, why he was came late? he had a motor cycle and then his house is not too far from school, so why?? -,-

next, the students that came late went to mosque and then made a letter that the point is we promised we won't came late again! i made this letter and then gave to the teacher . and he also did what i did 
after the time is 07.30a.m, we went out from the mosque and when he used his shoes i sit in left him! he looked at me just for the second and i looked his face just for a second too cause i was too shy to looked at his face :)
after that, we back again to main room where we kept our bags in there to bring our bags! he looked at me again but i was too shy to saw him again like he did to me. and he went to second floor to went to his class room and i bring  my bag and went to my class with my friends ..

oh god, you know what im feelin' when im so close with him? im just can't believe i can be sit in left him :)
it is my great situation with him! hihi lol
im never forget it, cause he've make me crazy like this, hahahha XDD

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