With million loves, for you from invisible human

by - November 23, 2011

cirebon, 23 november 2011
dear you, one of my beloved people.
don't you realize? don't you know? don't you feel? don't you think?
you should think! last saturday, i heard you back to your ex, right?
at the same time, i though it juts a joke! but when i find out, i
though this is not joke, this's real! at the same time, i was dead.
dead for awhile. dead from my happy life. why? because my heart have
already broke, yeaah you broke it by your act. i though you're
different, BUT i was wrong.
I'm tired to be here, to be all alone. No one wants to hear me. No one
wants to make me feel so glad. No one wants to give me joke just like
your joke. Technically, i'm so hurt but actually, i miss you ~
i keep quite because i hope you realize it why i keep quite? i'm tired!
So, right now i really miss you BUT i can't because there's another
girl out there who loves you so.
And now i really don't know what to do. I'm alone in silent. I'm alone
in this broken. I want you to be with me but i know and i have already
realize that you can't be with me. It's okay, no matter. With or
without you, i'll try to be okay. just go ahead, and smile for me :)

with million loves

...invisible human...

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