Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

Untold Feelings

I love the way you touch me. I feel like I can feel your heart, I can feel your sickness, I can feel your darkness side, I can feel everything inside you.
I love the way you love me with your own way. That's simple, but incredible. I understand our feelings. Our feelings are untold feeling but we do it lovely. Yes, untold.
I love the way you cheer me up. It makes me I'm not alone. You cheer me up with your own way. So funny but, it's so valueable. It means you do care, right?

I do love our quality time, when you're by my side. It makes me feel I'm safe.
I do love your jokes. It always makes me uhmm.. I don't know, I can't explain what I feel.
I do love your funny words. It seems like you are the funniest human ever. LOL

Thank God, You've gave me him, the most important person right now. He is the greatest miracle I've ever had. He brings me to new life without any pain. He's so lovely!!!
I remember when you tried to make me panic. So lovely way! Yes, I remember you.

I miss the times when you're always by my side.
I miss the times when we do something together.

You're the one who accross my mind when I wake up every morning and the one who I'm thinking of  before fall asleep.

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